Book Cover Design, Illustration & Concept Art

About the Author

RIANNA STAHL is a fantasy writer, illustrator, and concept artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She loves creating things that are beautiful (though sometimes terrible, too)—mostly dragons, monsters, and other fantastic creatures.

Her work often explores archetypal symbols, which intellectuals like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell recognise as symbols from the collective unconscious. As an artist, she takes these things from her creative muse and shares them for the rest of the world to see.

She takes a lot of inspiration from the dark fairy tales of Guillermo Del Toro, as well as the beautiful stories of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Ursula K. Le Guin’s poetry, and Andrzej Sapkowski’s morally grey worlds.

Her signature style is the way she blends light and darkness; evoking deeper thought regarding the nature of “good” and “evil”. She also explores the question, what if science were a little bit more like magic?

She has worked on film and game projects in Australia, New Zealand, England and America—one of which was a brief stint at Weta Workshop, helping create props for Zhang Yimou’s film, “The Great Wall”.

Currently she is working on finishing her second book, “Sharmie, the Children’s Dragon,” whilst taking art commissions, and creatively writing for Seafoot Games.

You can stay updated on her latest projects through her social media.

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